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All You Need To Know Bundled Moving Boxes

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Buying cardboard moving boxes through online shops are proven to be the more cost effective than running around looking for retailers who sell them.  To take advantage of the convenience of online shopping just make sure to deal with reputable Moving Supplies sites that offer Free Shipping.  When comparing these sites besides the Free Shipping, the quality of the cardboard boxes as well as their  size, based on cubit feet volume, are important factors.For more information visit postage boxes.

All our Moving Boxes are NEW and not irregulars and have passed the minimum 32ECT, Edge Crush Test, to meet the industry standards. The Moving Boxes in are categorized based on their use to assist you in creating a complete moving supplies list without over-buying or missing on some items.  The categories are mainly comprised of Moving Box Kits Bundles that contain different size Moving Boxes including the must have specialty boxes.  The Build Your Own Kit section is for that perfect kit that is customized for your needs and by you, the person who knows what kind of boxes required to pack the content of you home.

The Moving Box Kits are among the most economical ways to go, they come with an assortment of moving boxes along with their own Packing Supplies.  The kits are designed to pack any where from 1 to 10 rooms in a home or office.  The number of the boxes are already calculated for each room to prevent you from over-ordering or worst of all falling short on the move day.  There are 4 different Moving Box kit for each room category based on the size of the rooms and their contents as well as a kit with Wardrobe Boxes.  The amount of the packing supplies varies based on the size of the kit and normally contains Bubble Wrap, Packing Paper and Markers.

The Moving Boxes (Bundles)

The Bundles of Moving Boxes are a perfect way to either add more boxes to the kits or order bundle of Small, Medium, Large or Extra-Large size boxes to pack specific items that require same size boxes.  All Moving Boxes are made of sturdy corrugated cardboard and in some instances like in Flat Screen TV Boxes or Wardrobe Boxes they are either double walled or made of much heavier cardboard in order to be able to carry the weight without breaking and damaging your valuables.

The specialty boxes on the other hand are design-specific for different use. The most commonly used of the specialty boxes are the Flat Screen TV Boxes, which the demand first started with popularity of Plasma TV of few years back and continued through the advancement of technology to offer LCD TV Boxes and the most recent one the LED TV Boxes.

As the other front runner, the Wardrobe Boxes have been growing in popularity for their versatility in saving time and money.  The ease of moving clothes from the closet to the metal bar in the Wardrobe Box and then directly to the new closet without folding them is another saving tool to avoid spending unnecessary time and money for dry cleaners.

When it comes to the right box for the right work the other specialty boxes have their own place.  Packing the lamp and the lampshade in the specially designed Lamp Boxes or packing the content of you kitchen and even small appliances in extra sturdy Kitchen Boxes along with Glass Dividers, for packing the stemware, are all made possible by these specialty boxes.

 Build Your Own Kit

With Build Your Own Kit you have all the tools for a successful packing of your valuables  all gathered in one section.  This will allow you to design a moving kit with the number and sizes of the boxes that will be sufficient for packing every single room from the bedroom to the kitchen.  You could adjust the kit by adding Wardrobe Boxes based on the number of the closets in the house or order enough Flat Screen TV Boxes to securely pack all TV monitors. Just remember, with Wardrobe Boxes the rule of thumb is ordering 2 boxes per one standard size closet.

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