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Tips to Prevent Acne

Posted by on Feb 28, 2017 in Health | 0 comments

In these lines I want to talk a bit about how to prevent acne. Believe it or not, prevention, may be a very important key to never have to suffer from acne and its aftermath emotional, physical and psychological.

-This information is worth GOLD!, Well I could write a book or create a video about the advice I give to you today prevented acne, but I promised myself I would share valuable information, because I went through the same thing, I offer these simple but effective tips.

-Washing or bathing too often contribute to the elimination of impurities from the skin, bacteria, dead cells and other debris that clog the pores of the skin, to avoid clogging the skin prevents the accumulation of pollutants in the body. On the other hand will also help reduce excess skin oil (sebum) which is another factor that blocks the pores.

Skin care

-Do not overload or fatigue your body is a requirement of the body proper rest or sleep as this sets the standard for involuntary activities that are essential for preventing acne, like refreshing and restoring skin cells.

-Do not try to remove the kernels directly, many young people in an effort to eliminate some grains that are badly squeezed and even the now many of you know it’s not good to do still practicing as a way to ease your frustration by making feel a satisfaction remove it, you really do not tickle the problem, rather they have contributed to worse. The pore is open and wounded, will take longer to regenerate and can cause infection that will lead to a more severe type of acne like cystic acne, or larger grains and very buried in the skin that secrete excessive spring when yellow pus.

After physical activities, where a lot of sweat is present, must not take too long to take a shower as sweat can be impregnated into the pores of the skin, thus contributing to clogging thereof.

-Use white shirts, wash them often and let them air dry, preferably in the sun. The white clothing absorbs excess fat in the skin, this prevents having acne on his back. Sweat may have dislodged bacteria and these may have been impregnated in the tissues of the shirt, do not worry as they will be killed by sunlight.

– Desmaquíllese before sleeping, or if you no longer need to continue taking up face, oily substances that cosmetics contain help to clogged pores, so do not forget to leave your face clean. There are some wipes to remove makeup, you can buy in pharmacies as they are over the counter.

-Never use sunscreen or oil-based skin lotions, provide excess fatty substance that permeates easier in the pores of the skin covering them in a more efficient than the oily substance secreted by the body. Under no circumstances use these products if a person suffering from frequent breakouts. Use of skeyndor products is highly recommended.

-Use a solution of salicylic acid 2% concentration with water, this after you wash and dry well. Salicylic acid can be found in freeware products that are created to help fight acne. To better understand how to prepare the solution, just add 20 ml of salicylic acid per liter of water.

In conclusion, I will give the latest information valuable. The main cause for acne to appear is due to clogged pores, so to prevent acne from occurring we must keep them clean and clear at all times.

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